Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Monday, 20 June 2011

Back On The Road

I was starting to think it would never happen but the TDM is back in action,in the very late hours of last Saturday night around half one in the morning I took it for it's first spin in two months,and ran into trouble five min into it but I'll tell ye what I've done from the start.

So as you know the Clutch Basket failed causing the clutch to feel very loose and then began to rattle.So I stripped it down to find that the Hub Bearing had packed it in(the centre bearing allowing the imputshaft to the gearbox to spin independently to the Hub)and the Clutch locks the two together.I will go into more detail on another post about the full workings of the clutch and a few handy tips on how to get you home if it does fail.Now I had a lot of problems to get a basket and bearing and didn't see the point on spending 700euro on a 97 bike,finally got one off a 97 TRX850 from the very helpful lads at MotoFix in the UK.

But instead of sitting around waiting for the parts to arrive I decided to give the bike an overhaul,starting with stripping it to the frame as there was a bit of surface rust starting to appear on the inside of the frame and top of the swing arm. So once everything was off I began to sand the rust spots to bare metal and gave it a coat of Holts Rust Treatment and high build primer,then gave the whole frame a rub of a Tommy pad to give the new paint a key to grip to.A friend mixed up the paint for me off the paint code and on it went.It's a great feeling when you see it shining makes the hard work all worth it.So next was the engine,it's amazing the amount of dirt can get in around places you will never see when the bikes is together,I used engine cleaner to remove the crud(don't use a fuel based one as it will leave a oily coat and your paint won't stick around long,same as before give it a light sanding and a good clean down with panel wipe before painting it with a high temp paint.Now I couldn't get the right shade of silver in high temp paint but it's very close.

So it's time to rebuild it,engine back in place I can start to fit back all the sounding parts,I re wrapped the wiring loom in black loom tape it's thicker then normal insulation tape and is a must for anyone that wants to tour on an older bike it's stops the frame or clips from rubbing trough and damaging the wiring,next is all new throttle and choke cables new fuel lines and rad hoses along with a sprayed Rad.Now my Exhaust down pipes where gone to tatty to polish up so I painted them with the same high temp paint I used on the engine,this job will have to be done from time to time as the temp is very high and the paint chips after a few thousand miles.Nest was the wheels all I can do with them is a polish and some nice new silver rim tape and fit them.So now its nearly back together what I didn't say was that any gasket I opened was replaces I don't like using old ones with sealer they will leak.

I re fitted the fairings all but the two side ones as they had a few stone chips so I sent them off to be professedly painted which are ready but I haven't got time to pick up yet,hence no pics yet.In the middle of all this the basket arrived and I couldn't wait to get it in but had to wait for the new clutch plate which I forgot to order oops!!!!

So last Saturday it arrived and once I got home from work out I went banged it in and gave everything the once over and off I went.Delighted it went like a dream nice and smooth until the chain started to bang as everything settled in and gave it a sloppy gear change witch made me think the basket was wrong until I stopped and checked the chain,did I feel like a fool or what.On the way home a spark plug started to brake down causing a lack of power but it was too late to mess around with so into the shed and off to bed.The next morning one of the lads asked me to go to the Harley show in killarney,so stuck in a set of plugs and changes the oil and filter and nervously off I went.Not a problem in the world it went as good as Tom's 07 Varadero Happy Days. Once I get the panels back I'll post a few pics.


Tuesday, 31 May 2011

It's nearly ready the bike is back together just a few little bits to tidy off,had a BIG BIG delay with the clutch basket finally got one off a TRX,so that's in place now.
Have some nice mods done to it which I'll tell ye all about once there tested fully along with a full rundown on what I've done to the bike.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The TDM Rebuild

Well it's looking like I'll be using the TDM for this years trip so I decided to strip it and replace anything I think might fail,and give it a nice new paint job in the process.I decided to do this because the clutch basket bairing failed last week luckily I was only 20 minute from home and was able to nurse it back but if that happened when I was up North or across the water it would mean an expensive recovery home as it would take too long to get the parts.

So over the last few evenings I've taking it apart right down to the frame.There was a few rust spots on the frame and swing arm,so I sanded them back and rust proofed them and painted the lot.

Next up is to clean and spray the engine .